Cyberchase Fractions Quest

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Cyberchase Fractions Quest

Brain power to the rescue! The villain Hacker is causing trouble again and the CyberSquad needs your students to help save the day. Created for grades 3 and 4, this immersive math learning game trains and assesses your students’ fractions and problem-solving skills incorporating the latest research on how children best learn fractions. Based on the popular, award-winning PBS KIDS math series Cyberchase, Cyberchase Fractions Quest combines a high-stakes adventure story with a research-based approach to fractions learning using a series of quest-like challenges that increase in difficulty.

Annual Individual License (2 seats) = $25
Annual Classroom License (40 Seats)= $200
Annual School License (200 Seats) = $750

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Game Development Partners: FableVision, THIRTEEN, Educational Development Center’s Center for Children and Technology

Devices: Desktops or laptops running Chrome OS, Windows, or Mac OS

Age Range: Grades 3 and 4

Standards & Learning Objectives: Common Core State Standards for Grade 3 Mathematics Fair shares, unit fractions, non-unit fractions, equivalent fractions, and comparing and ordering

Associated Research

In Spring 2019 Education Development Center, Inc. examined use of Cyberchase Fractions Quest in two diverse New York City elementary schools, seeking to determine the digital game’s impact on third graders’ learning of fractions concepts reflected in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. In each school, students in classrooms with similar ability levels used Fractions Quest or their traditional curriculum for 3-6 weeks, and completed pre- and post-tests of fractions knowledge. Teachers in the Fractions Quest classrooms used a dashboard to monitor student progress in different dimensions of fractions knowledge. Researchers also observed class sessions and interviewed teachers and students.

Study results underscore three conclusions:

  1. Cyberchase Fractions Quest shows clear evidence of promise as a tool for supporting third graders in mastering challenging fractions concepts. Students who played the game over 3-6 weeks during their fractions unit showed significantly greater growth on a standardized mathematics assessment than students who studied fractions without the game.
  2. Cyberchase Fractions Quest shows promise as a tool for promoting third graders’ sense of self-efficacy in mathematics. Students who played the game responded more positively to the question “How are you at math?” than students who did not play the game—even after controlling for pre-intervention response to the same question.
  3. Cyberchase Fractions Quest appears successful for a diverse range of third-grade learners, regardless of their initial feelings about and/or abilities in the domain of math. Students at all ability levels made comparable gains in fractions knowledge.

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